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rec: we've seen it in the movies (now let's see if it's true) by doyle

Story: We've Seen It In The Movies (Now Let's See If It's True)
Author: Doyle
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1833
Author's Summary: Clyde and Luke drive to Wales and talk about girls. And boys. And pants.
Characters/Pairings: Clyde Langer, Luke Smith (Clyde/Luke pre-slash)
Warnings: None

Recced because: It's very funny! I defy you not to giggle whilst reading this story. It also captures beautifully the warmth of the show itself - the depth of affection between the main characters really shines through. The characterisation is excellent, Clyde's voice is spot on, and Doyle manages to suggest four years of friendship with only a few lines.
Plus, there's a blink and you'll miss it Torchwood joke that it took me an embarrassing number of reads to get.

Luke’s forehead creased. Clyde had had nearly four years of being Luke’s best friend, and he knew without being told what wheels were spinning in that strange, strange head. “That stands for kisses,” he added. “Not porn, or the Roman numerals for thirty, or the Vin Diesel film, although that is brilliant and we should watch it when we get home. You should know this, that girl in your maths class sent you that Valentine’s card when we were fifteen.”
Tags: author: doyle, pairing:clyde/luke, rating: all ages, reccer: shinyjenni, sja: clyde, sja: luke, type: slash

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