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Rec: Never a Wolf by jedi_penguin

Story: Never a Wolf
Author: jedi_penguin
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2241
Author's Summary: She wouldn’t forgive him and she wouldn’t leave. The Doctor thinks this might be a good thing.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (7th), Ace
Warnings: Very mild swearing

Recced because: Earlier in the week, I gave you a rec for a story featuring Seven and another for one featuring Ace. In spite of this, I feel justified in returning to the same well, as it were, because both of those stories featured them in isolation and really, to get the full Seven experience imho, you have to have the two of them together. As fine as they are individually, together Seven and Ace are truly greater than the sum of their parts. This fic offers a slightly different slant on the ending of the televised Seven story The Curse of Fenric, in which Doctor and companion respond to the events of the denouement by having something of a frank exchange of views on the nature of their relationship. And what a relationship it is - "complex" does not begin to describe the ambiguous, slightly twisted Seven-Ace "thing", really, and this author captures that tremendously well, showing an extremely good and empathetic handle on the characters and their interactions that makes this Seven fan very happy indeed. And for all of the lies or omissions of the truth that may have passed between the pair of them, this is maybe one of the few Doctor-companion teams where you could imagine them actually having a discussion like this and coming to the conclusions they reach. I really enjoyed this fic, anyway, and keep going back to it. I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did - and please let the author know how you feel about it.

“Only because I play to win, for the good of the universe. Given the stakes, I had no compunction about cheating.” He sighed, willing her to understand. “Lying was likewise justified. I’m sorry those lies hurt you, but they were necessary.”

“What lies did you tell?”

The question left him gobsmacked. “What lies? The entire con–“

“No, really, Doctor. What lies did you tell? I didn’t pass my chemistry exams, did I?”

“That doesn’t–“

“And you weren’t wrong to call me an emotional cripple either. The only person I’ve ever cared about--really cared about, I mean–is eight hundred and fifty years older than me and is--”

“838 years older,” he muttered crossly.

Tags: author: jedi_penguin, companion: ace, doctor: 7, rating: all ages, reccer: jjpor, type: gen

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