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Fic: Goodbye

And so my reccing time has come to an end. For a first time reccer, this is definitely a harder task than it looks! But, I've enjoyed my time throughly! Till next time! :)

Story: Goodbye
Author: Lyricwritesprose
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1273
Author's Summary: Nobody should have to die without knowing that they're valued. And time can be rewritten.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor/River Song, The Brigadier
Warnings: Character Death

Recced because: I felt like starting and ending the week with Brigadier stories. The awesome part about this goodbye story is that it really doesn't feel like goodbye. <3 Nicholas Courtney/The Brigadier.


"And that," the Doctor said, "is the closest I've ever seen her to starry-eyed hero-worship. She's usually self-confident to the point of smugness. Bit of a scramble sometimes to impress her, actually." He didn't look as if he minded the prospect.

And if the Doctor described someone as overly confident–actually, it was probably because he honestly didn't see the irony. Some things didn't change, no matter how the face did. "You're Earth's champion," Alastair said.

"I've been known to borrow the title when grandstanding," the Doctor admitted. "It's not as if it's exclusive. Sarah Jane, Ace, Martha Jones–a fellow named Jack will carry the title, intermittently, for quite a long time indeed–but when we don't need it, we all know who to return it to." He pulled one of the chairs close to the bed and sat down, that slightly mismatched face a study in contradictory emotions. "In thirty centuries, three times my life and thirty times yours, children will still learn about you. Generations have grown up safe and free because of things that you did." Alastair realized, with a stab of sympathetic embarrassment, that the Doctor was crying. "I thought you ought to know."
Tags: author: lyricwritesprose, character: brigadier lethbridge-stewart, character: river song, doctor:11, pairing:11/river song, rating: all ages, reccer: sleepismyfriend, type: het

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