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Rec: The Wyrm and the Maiden Fair

Last rec of the week! I hope you enjoyed them. We're still looking for reccers, so please consider signing up -- you can do so by joining the comm and leaving a comment on the sign-up post.

Story: The Wyrm and the Maiden Fair
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1,321
Author's Summary: Jenny and Vastra. Sometimes, it's like a fairy tale.
Characters/Pairings: Jenny/Madame Vastra
Warnings: None

Recced because: I wasn't familiar with the fairy tale Daystar Searcher used to frame this story, but it didn't matter. In fairy tales, sometimes a human has to look past outward appearances to find true love, and so it is here – although unlike the original fairy tale, the dragon stays a dragon, and the human falls in love with her anyway. The language here is just beautiful: romantic, dreamy, and very true to the magical spirit of fairy tales themselves.


There is no Saint George, but there are knights, occasionally. Jon the baker's boy and Dick the footman-in-training and Colin the strapping soldier. They joust at Jenny, try to catch her eye. Vastra's too regal to sulk; she becomes high and above it instead, pretending to be amused at the men's efforts. But she touches Jenny more often: a squeeze of her waist, a grip of her shoulder, an arm through hers. A thousand and one reminders: you are mine.

Jenny knows Vastra's been trained to take pleasure in angles and edges and blades. Knows her lady warrior can't always admit to wanting someone who is soft and pink and sometimes yielding.

So she doesn't make her dragon say a word, only takes her arm and pulls her to bed and shows her why no knight can steal her away.
Tags: author: daystar searcher, character: jenny flint, character: madame vastra, pairing:jenny flint/madame vastra, rating: teen, reccer: nonelvis

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