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Rec: Dog and Pony Show

Last one for the week! I hope folks have enjoyed my choices. Don't forget to feed the authors! :)

Story: Dog and Pony Show
Author: wojelah
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 372
Author's Summary: Martha holds up a hand and shakes her head. "Wait. Never mind. The point is," she continues, "why was he in my bedroom?"
Characters/Pairings: Ten, Martha
Warnings: None

Recced because: Short, sweet, funny: a quick little reminder that the TARDIS can be a bit thick when it comes to sussing out linear time, and that the Doctor picks up all kinds of strays. :D


"Doctor?" Martha's voice drifts down the hallway. She doesn't sound terrified, so she hasn't met the Venusian fly-trap in the garden, which means it can probably wait.

"Busy!" he shouts back, head under the console, scrabbling for the spanner he thought he'd left next to his thigh.

"Doctor," she says again, closer this time - and accompanied by hoofbeats, which is decidedly odd.

Tags: author: wojelah, companion: martha, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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