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Memento by johne

Story: Memento
Author: johne
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1093
Author's Summary: Shou Yuing renews her acquaintance with Ace, and hears the story of one particular relic.
Characters/Pairings: Ace McShane/Shou Yuing
Warnings: None (albeit, rather creepy at times).

Recced because: I must have said it before. But I love the stories that explore the darker side of the Seventh Doctor's period. Unlike most of them, this one isn't exactly about the Seventh Doctor, or his period. This one introduced to Ace long after she's left the Doctor, and instead of exploring the implication of his actions, gives a snapshot of how they still influence his companions, long after he's left them. And it manages to do it with humour and charm, so I was completely sold.
Tags: author: johne, character: shou yuing, companion: ace, pairing:ace/shou yuing, rating: teen, reccer: pitry, type: femslash

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