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Rec: Acquired Taste by Primsong

Greetings, Calufraxians! Calufractionaters? Er. Anyway. XD I come bearing fanfic recs. I have long fics, short fics, a lot of UNIT fic... mostly happy or comic endings, because that's how I roll.

And, um, two separate Christmas stories? O_O CHRISTMAS IN MAY. Have some fruitcake. ;-)

Story: Acquired Taste
Author: Primsong
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1473
Author's Summary: It's Christmas time at UNIT, time to enjoy some home-made fruitcake! Or then again, maybe not.
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor, Jo Grant, Sergeant Benton
Warnings: ...bug squick? (No actual bugs appear. Sorry, I do actually tend to warn for EVERYTHING. *g*)

Recced because: It is awesome. =D First off, Jo is adorkable and also made of win - I love it when Jo gets all righteous at people. She's brilliant. For those who don't know her (yet *g*), she's a cute little five-foot-nothing klutzy blonde who didn't pass her A-levels; she also happens to be an expert escapologist, and passionately idealistic in a cheerful-hippie sort of way. When she gets mad at you it's half like being a bad puppy getting bopped on the nose, and half like being told off by a puppy. And Prim writes her the best of anyone.

Also, Three is classically... Three. I was looking for a word here and all I can come up with is "disdainful eighteenth-century gentleman who actually has no idea what's going on, so he throws cant jargon into the mix at every opportunity". (Oh dear, now I want somebody to write a Georgette Heyer crossover... O_O) With a side of "inherently plushie-able floofy adorkableness", because that after all is what Three is all about. ;-)

This all sounds terribly confusing to New Whovians, doesn't it? Er... there is an awesome girl companion, and the Doctor being silly and incorrigible, and also mockage of fruitcake. Go and read it! It's short, it's funny, it... hadn't been recced yet, if I am honest. That's a recommendation in itself, isn't it? That Prim is so good it's hard to find one of her fics that hasn't yet been recced here. :D
Tags: author: primsong, character: benton, companion: jo, doctor: 3, rating: all ages, reccer: justice_turtle, type: gen

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