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The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Converse by XxTARDISGirlxX

Story: The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Converse
Author: XxTARDISGirlxX
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 83,880
Author's Summary: ‘Right, Rose,’ said the Doctor quickly, ‘from what I can gather, in around five seconds time, I’m gonna be about two feet high, with a snotty nose and a squeaky, whining voice. Don’t panic, just make sure you pick me up and run, alright?’ ~ The Doctor is turned into a two year old. As we've all come to expect, mayhem ensues!
Characters/Pairings: 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler
Warnings: Language

Recced because: I have to admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for regression!fics. And the Doctor really is spectacularly good at getting himself into ridiculous situations in any case, which apparently increases exponentially when he's suddenly a toddler. This is a fic I turn to on days when I really just need something that's going to make me laugh so hard I forget whatever was bothering me.

Rose watched for a moment as he managed to pull the bulky box closer to the edge of the shelf, before looking down to the sulking Doctor who had, only a moment ago, plonked himself on the floor at their feet, seemingly exhausted, and clinging to the promise that a banana milkshake from a McDonald’s drive thru was in order if he was a good boy for the next five minutes.

Which was why she nearly fainted on the spot at the sight of the very much Doctor-vacated space between them.
Tags: author: xxtardisgirlxx, companion: rose, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: firefly124, type: gen

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