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Noodley Appendage by Nancy Brown

Story: Noodley Appendage
Author: Nancy Brown
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 2751
Author's Summary: When Captain Jack Harkness gets someone a special surprise for their birthday, it will almost certainly wind up involving sex with tentacled aliens. Because, Jack. (Part of the Rabbit Hole AU.)
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto/Lisa/OC
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recced because: Really, the only thing better than Jack/Ianto/Lisa is Jack/Ianto/Lisa/tentacled alien. And, as well done PWP tends to do, it manages not to be strictly porn, giving some insights into how the main triad have grown together. While it is part of her Rabbit Hole AU, it reads fine alone, I think, as the dynamics of the established triad are stated or implied pretty thoroughly at the beginning.

Lisa let out a half-squeal, half-giggle. "You got me a girl for my birthday?"

And she caught the flicker on his face. So did Ianto. "What did you do?"

"She goes by Bethan, but funny thing, she's not from around here." Which was a well-known code.
Tags: author: nancy brown, companion: jack, pairing:ianto/lisa/jack/oc, rating: adult, reccer: firefly124, torchwood: ianto, torchwood: lisa hallett, type: mixed

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