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the first time the doctor met phil coulson by ljg

It's been fun reccing this week! See you next time, maybe :)

Story: The First Time the Doctor Met Phil Coulson
Author: LJG
Rating: All Ages
Word Count:  1246
Author's Summary: Based on this Tumblr:
Canton Everett Delaware III, father of Phil Coulson -- "The reason why Agent Phil Coulson is so good at dealing with weird sh*t is that he f**g grew up with it. Because don’t tell me that Canton wasn’t recruited by SHIELD as soon as he got fired from the FBI. He helped a bunch of time-travelers deal with an alien invasion, stood up to the President of the United States, and did it all without batting an eyelid. CLEARLY PHIL COULSON’S PERPETUAL, FAINTLY-SMILING CALM IS A GENETIC TRAIT."
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Phil Coulson, Canton, Carol Danvers
Warnings: None

Recced because: For Sunday, have some crack with your crossover (this time with the Marvel Universe movies). The summary and title should tell you all you need to know about why I clicked on this one. As for why I’m reccing it, well, it’s sweet, it’s dorky, and it’s my new headcanon. Because Canton would so be recruited by SHIELD and of course Eleven taught Phil Venusian Judo. Of course. If you don’t know much about the MU, don’t worry. I still have no idea who Carol Danvers is and I enjoyed this all the same.

Tags: author: ljg, character: canton everett delaware iii, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: solo_by_choice, type: crossover, type: gen

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