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Rec: There is Nothing in the Universe You Are Not by Lonewytch

Ahhh, my last rec of the week! I have so very much enjoyed sharing these fictions and authors with you. Reading these tales is a special treat - but sharing them is a true Joy! I hope you've had as great a time with these recs as I have. I can only hope one day I am able to do this again. Until that time - one last rec from another fantastic author!

Story: There is Nothing in the Universe You Are Not
Author: Lonewytch
Rating: All Ages/PG
Word Count: 1,930
Author's Summary: There are wonders laid all across the length of the Universe, littered and streaked across the black. They shine out like fires for those who know how to see them. There's both dark and light inside the Doctor and within the Universe - he shows River.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, River Song
Warnings: None - Introspection, Standalone

Recced because: I know, once you read this author's work, you will know EXACTLY why I recced this fiction. Lonewytch has such a beautiful style - the images that unfold from the pages are breathtaking, putting you right in the heart of the moment. I love her work with a passion that sometimes frightens me - and picking The Right Fiction to share was unbelievably hard! But this one...this one is the fiction to share! Sweeping imagery intermixed with soul-deep emotion that pulls you in and leaves you breathless with longing. Her almost philosphical view on River and the Doctor is so deeply intimate it staggers me. She speaks from THEM and it always leaves me shaking and blinking when reality falls back into place around me. This is the Doctor showing River where she fits. Showing her where he IS - and what all that means. He shows her the deepest abysses to the brightest stars and tries to tell her (in his own Doctory way) how she fills the spaces in between. One of this author's better fictions, though really - all of her fictions are just as astoundingly awe-inspiring as this one. But this tale? This tale is one you cannot miss. Read. Be blown away. Then read it again...

There are unknowable corners of space, places where the light of stars cannot reach. These corners are bound into an endless dark with only the quiet hum of radiation in its most basic form breaking across them.

In these places, the black is like a liquid ink; space bends strangely around itself; time moves in fits and starts and then not at all, because there is no one and nothing there to mark it or gather its threads together.

He isn’t scared of much, but these places frighten him. They echo off the insides of his bones, seeming to set up a resonance and drawing out a terrible temptation to just set the Tardis spinning and finally come to rest there forever.
Tags: author: lonewytch, character: river song, doctor:11, pairing:11/river song, rating: all ages, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: het

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