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rec: Warning

Last one already? Time flies. (..pun maybe intended, oh pfsh.)

Story: Warning
Author: Prochytes
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 162
Author's Summary: Theta Sigma was not the only one who planned to grow old disgracefully.
Characters/Pairings: The TARDIS
Warnings: Should I warn you for literary references?

Recced because: I thought I'd end the week with a nice multi-era piece.
I came across this after Neil Gaiman's episode (of brilliance) because I wanted to read more fic that had the TARDIS as an actual character, preferably with a voice of her own (which she deserves).
Now I'm a literature student. The way to my heart is through tea and poetry, basically. The DW fandom has plenty of tea and this was the poetry I had been waiting for. Prochytes is one of those writers who often writes fic that leaves me feeling a little baffled and very impressed and this was no exception. This poem captures the TARDIS very well, I think. Her stubbornness and autonomy, her individuality. (And really: even if you don't like poetry, try to read this as prose instead, because it is very visual and imaginative.)
Good way to step into the weekend.
Tags: author: prochytes, character: tardis, rating: all ages, reccer: biancaisabelle, type: gen

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