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Shades of Blue ~ Cerulean

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rec for you all this past week! :) It's been a lot of fun, and I hope you've enjoyed reading these stories as much as I have! For my final rec, I give you a Doctor/Rose love story that spans across several eras. :)

Story: Shades of Blue ~ Cerulean
Author: bluedawn
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 46,842
Author's Summary: Trapped in the parallel universe, Rose finally thinks she's found the Doctor, but it isn't exactly the one she expects. She falls in love with him anyway. The first story in the "Past Present and Future" series.
Characters/Pairings: Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (8th)
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Swearing

Recced because: This is the first story in one of my all time favorite series. It is the story that first introduced me to the idea of--and made me fall in love with--the Eighth Doctor/Rose pairing. The growth of their relationship--and the Doctor going through all sorts of assumptions and feelings along the way--is beautifully portrayed. So too is the underlying tension that comes with loving a Time Lord (and being a Time Lord in love) across multiple regenerations. I love the idea of a timeless love--a love that exists on some core level: soul mates. And the romantic in me loves the idea the the Doctor and Rose love each across all time and in all forms.

It's well written, with wonderful characterizations and raw emotions. It's a believable journey; Rose knows him, but he doesn't know her, and though their courtship is whirlwind, it isn't without its difficulties. Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it's a beautiful kind of sad--the kind of sad that only comes from knowing that there's a ticking time bomb on their relationship. Still, there's a light at the end of the tunnel; the series as a whole is about Rose's journey back to the Tenth Doctor, and her love for all the other versions of him she meets and re-meets along the way. The Eighth Doctor is the beginning, but he isn't the end--and that's what makes it all the more magical.

It's the beautiful beginning of an epic tale, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have!

“I said at least if somethin’ happened to you then maybe you’d regenerate into someone I actually like,” she retorted. She heard a sharp intake of breath beside her and knew she had gone too far. Remembering how sensitive her second doctor had been any time she had mentioned his predecessor she should have known it would hurt him now. Maybe that’s why she had said it. She was about to back track, to apologize, when he spoke again.

“Sounds like you did a lot more than that,” he said in a low, dangerous voice.

“Excuse me?” Rose said, her voice rising instead of lowering but matching his in danger.

“I heard what your mother was saying. What did you do? Desire me? Lust after me? Is that why you lied to them about who I was? Didn’t want too much information out?” he said, his voice gaining some of her earlier snarl. 

He recognized the warning signs, knew he needed to stop talking before he said something he couldn’t take back but this body had nasty verbal streak when provoked. Undaunted and unable to stop himself he continued pretentiously, “No wonder future me hasn’t come back to get you. I’ve dropped companions more qualified than you for less than that before.” He heard her gasp, a horrid, raw sound and cursed himself. She slammed on the brakes.

Be sure to stop by and let the author know if you enjoy it! :)
Tags: author: bluedawn, character: jackie tyler, character: pete tyler, companion: mickey, companion: rose, doctor: 8, pairing: 8/rose, rating: adult, reccer: shelwass, type: het

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