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Rec: Difficulties on Theory

Title: Difficulties on Theory
Author: Louseifer
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 4139
Author's Summary: There are a lot of flaws in the process of evolution; the Doctor learns, slowly, in the dark, that nothing ever really changes.
Characters/Pairings: Ten/Simm!Master
Warnings: Explicit Sex, Swearing

Recc'ed Because: Why yes, before I discovered Ten/Master fic I was a good little gen girl. But really, the world is better for Ten/Master crazy, love-hate relationship. And the sex and bondage. This one is dark (literally and figuratively), hot and twisted and kinky and alien, but it twists itself right back into shape again at the end. The Master and the Doctor need each other like yin needs yang; neither can ever stop. It is listed as incomplete; I think either the author didn't notice the "Complete" button on Teaspoon, or they imagined this as the start of a series. Anyhow, it stands alone amazingly as is, and the end is creepy in its ambiguity. If you like NC-17 Ten/Master fic, spare on dialogue but spot-on when it comes, and everything wrapped around a brilliant study of the characters, yeah, go on and read it. Not at work, though.


The thing about time, the thing every little Time Lord has to learn, is that it isn’t real. Time is a lie, there is no such thing, just like every other comforting story creatures tell about the universe. And that is, of course, the point of stories. Making sense of the insensible, comprehending the incomprehensible, hiding from the darkness and the cold, hard sanity of reality in cosy little home-spun nests of lies.

He knew, when they played together as children, exactly what could become of the Master, what potential evils lay dormant inside him. And he knows, now, that the man keeping him here, holding him captive, fucking him in the dark, is the best friend he’s ever had, the one who holds his hand when the bigger boys come, who fights with him or runs away with him. The Master has not transitioned from one to the other. He is both, man and boy and every age, every regeneration, every stolen shape in between. And the Doctor, who knows the universe’s biggest secret, cannot pick and choose which versions he loves, and which it suits him to despise.

Tags: author: louiseifer, character: simm!master, doctor:10, pairing:10/simm!master, rating: adult, reccer: eve11, type: slash

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