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Rec: Imaginary Worlds (the Here I Dreamt I was an Architect remix)

Story: Imaginary Worlds (the Here I Dreamt I was an Architect remix)
Author: Bagheera
Rating: Teen (it says All Ages, but I might even go so far as to say Adult)
Word Count: 5897
Author's Summary: There is a room in the TARDIS that always stays locked. (Written for the best_enemies remix challenge.)
Characters/Pairings: Doctor/Master - arguably including pre-series Doctor/pre-series Master, pre-series Doctor/War Chief!Master, Three/Delgado!Master, Three/Crispy!Master and Five/Master. One thing it doesn't have is Pryce!Master, although he is listed on Teaspoon
Warnings: None listed, though there is sex and swearing and horror

Recced because: This fic was written in 2009, since when dark fairy tales and Doctor Who have become increasingly intertwined. If you like the sort of story where something terrible is presented as a good thing in beautiful, soothing language, you might like this fic - even if you think Doctor/Master isn't really your cup of tea.

I think a brief introduction is necessary, though, before you read it. This fic is a 'remix' (of sorts) of another fic I also like (Imaginary Worlds by x_los), which posits that, at some point, the young Master made a copy of the Doctor that lived in his mind and which he could interact with as though it were the real Doctor. He abandoned the copy for a time, but returned to it after the Doctor left Gallifrey/him. In the original fic, the copy/construct idea was played largely for laughs - but it's very creepy, really, particularly in a universe where thoughts can think for themselves (see- oh, I don't know... 'Castrovalva', for example).

This fic is an atmospheric and disturbing examination of that idea, and of obsession carried too far. Thus, it also functions as an excellent character study of the Master.

If he must hunger for company, the company of his own mind seems to him the least annoying. It speaks of self-sufficiency. The Doctor was only an interlude, in truth the Master has never needed anyone but himself. And what is the construct, if not a piece of him that he shaped in the Doctor’s image?

When he created the construct, he was only a child. He had only just begun to dabble in the psychic arts. But now he has delved deeply into secrets both dangerous and arcane, deeper perhaps than any Time Lord in centuries. In time, he will hone the construct into a piece of art so fine it starts to truly resemble the Doctor. One day it will be perfect, and the Doctor no longer incomparable, and the Master will celebrate that day as a victory.
Tags: author: bagheera, character: ainley!master, character: delgado!master, character: master (other), doctor: 3, doctor: 5, pairing: 3/delgado!master, pairing: 3/master (other), pairing: 5/ainley!master, rating: teen, reccer: aralias, type: slash

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