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Rec: Tell Me About Your Mother

Story: Tell Me About Your Mother (The Slightly Freudian Remix)
Author: Elliptic Eye
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1516
Author's Summary: A defining moment wherein a true friend helps the young Theta Sigma look deep within himself and understand the ways in which he is a wanker.
Characters/Pairings: Theta (pre-series Doctor), Delgado!Master, arguably Doctor/Master

Recced because: Elliptic Eye has written some very funny things - this is one of them. If you like jokes about the Doctor's teenage angst and bad poetry and/or jokes about the Master being a loser, you've come the right place (although, to be fair to Delgado, he comes off by far the better of the two in this). I also think the choice to turn a supposed therapy session on Gallifrey into a comedy skit was inspired - and, on that note, I think this is a very clever remix. The original is about a totally different character (although no names are given, so it's a fair cop swap) mentoring the young Doctor - and is without so much piss taking. But I like the piss taking. And I'm probably going to rec a more serious one tomorrow.

The man gestured with a gloved hand. "Have a seat, my dear Theta. I brought a couch in especially for you. I always decorate for the occasion."

Theta looked, then looked again. "Is that from Earth? That's my favorite planet," he blurted.

The therapist made a fairly indescribable face. "I know."

"You've done your research, then. Do you pay this much disturbing attention to detail for everyone?"

"Never mind that. I'm not here to talk about sofas, even reasonably comfortable ones."
Tags: author: elliptic eye, character: delgado!master, doctor:pre-series, rating: all ages, reccer: aralias, type: gen

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