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Rec: The Very Model

Thank you very much for having me. Please give some of my obscure canon choices a chance. It may lead you down the road to a side of Who fandom you've not considered that is actually brilliant.

Today, I was planning on reccing a completely different Neveralarch story, and then I saw this one right below the moderately sensible choice I'd been planning, and I thought 'nobody knows what Gallifrey is or wants Age of Sail AUs of it', but... well, the other choice was more Doctor/Master and probably not as brilliant as this. So-

Story: The Very Model
Author: neveralarch
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10070
Author's Summary: Being the tale of how Admiral Romana kept her job, how Rear-Admiral Braxiatel fought off the empire's enemies, how Leela of the Sevateem gained an audience with the Admirality, and how Captain Narvin was irritated by just about everyone. (A Gallifrey/Age of Sail fusion, where most of the characters are still Time Lords, even though that doesn't make much sense when they're on wooden ships.)
Characters/Pairings: Romana II, Leela, Braxiatel, Narvin, K-9s, and various other Gallifrey people who aren't on Teaspoon

Recced because: Reasons I love this fic that hopefully apply to more people who aren't me:

a) Age of Sail is a particular vice of mine. If you are fond of this genre, but haven't heard Gallifrey - give it a try.
b) I particularly like Age of Sail fics in which Romana is a headstrong admiral who beats people up with buckets, and Leela is a pirate. (A small category, alas). Other characters are also treated very well - K-9 is Age of Sail-ified most brilliantly, and Brax is sort of trying to take over the navy and Narvin is trying to play by the rules and is so angry that nobody else will.
b2) It is a true ensemble fic.
c) The narrative voice is consistently hilarious. And so is the dialogue.
d) For all that it is an Age of Sail AU, it is also a brilliant Gallifrey-type plot that you can actually get wrapped up in. Do you like intrigue and backstabbing? Yes. Great. Read this fic.

"Crew!" [Romana] shouted. "Citizens of Gallifrey! Do not let this megalomaniacal, profiteering, shadow of a seaman use you like this. We can still fight!"

"Stop embarrassing yourself," said Darkel. "Quietly, please, before you give us all a headache."

It was at that moment that Mr. Nighn leapt out of the unsympathetic masses, his sword drawn and his expressionless face somehow contriving to snarl.

"You see?" said Romana, in triumph. "I have supporters, even now!"

"He is one man," said Darkel. She waved a few crew members forward, each of them drawing their own swords.

"But his strength is the strength of ten, because he is righteous!" said Romana.

"Inaccurate, Lady Admiral," said Nighn. "My strength is only one comma three times the average strength on the crew."

"Shut up, Mr. Nighn," said Romana.
Tags: author: neveralarch, character: braxiatel, character: narvin, companion: k-9, companion: leela, companion: romana ii, rating: teen, reccer: aralias, type: crossover, type: gen

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