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rec: this song is the cross that I bear by coffeesuperhero

Greetings, calufrax! I'm ladymercury_10 (Lady Mercury on the Teaspoon) and I will be your reccer this week. I mostly have Eleven-era recs for you, but I've tried to make sure there is a good range of different sorts of stories, and I do have some recs from other eras as well. Here we go!

Story: this song is the cross that I bear
Author: coffeesuperhero
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4828
Author's Summary: It was the TARDIS that changed everything.
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond, River Song, Rory Williams, The Doctor (11th), The TARDIS
Warnings: None.
Recced because: This is the River Song backstory that we really needed post-"Let's Kill Hitler" and haven't gotten from canon. It has family bonding--both with Amy and Rory and with the TARDIS, it dips into River's academic endeavors and her human-plus capabilities, and it gives weight to the other centers of gravity in her life besides the Doctor. The characterizations are all really great, and the scene with River and Rory is particularly lovely.

"Ri-- um, Mel-- er, I'm so sorry," Rory says, nearly stumbling over a pile of books behind the couch. "I'm... not really sure what to call you."

"That's alright," she says, willing herself not to cry at the disappearance of the only comforting thing she wanted. She doesn't cry. She's River Song, badass of ever, or some day she hopes to be, and she's not crying, not even in front of her father. "I don't really know what to call you either."

"Your mum will be along in a bit," he says, gesturing to the empty air behind him. "Long story: we got separated on the planet we were on, I was closer to the TARDIS, so when we got your message, we came here first and he went back for Amy."

"It's a time machine," she sighs, her irritation with the TARDIS replacing her sadness. The TARDIS knows her; the TARDIS knows what she needs. Why did it send her parents when all she wanted was the warm glow of those lights and the feeling that all of time and space was stretching out before her? "You could have been here whenever you liked."

"I know," Rory says sheepishly. He shrugs and runs a hand through his hair. "What can I say? Your kid's in trouble, you don't think about these things."
Tags: author: coffeesuperhero, character: river song, companion: amy, companion: rory, doctor:11, pairing:amy/rory, rating: teen, reccer: ladymercury_10, type: gen

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