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Rec: Could Be A Little More Sonic by Ravarath

Story: Could Be A Little More Sonic
Author: Ravarath
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 2207
Characters: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), The TARDIS, The TARDIS
Author's Summary: Ever wondered why the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver malfunctioned when he first met Amelia Pond? (Slightly spoiler-ish for "The Eleventh Hour.")
Warnings: None
Recced because: I stumbled across this while I was looking for another story (which turned out to have been recced previously), and laughed like a drain when I read it. A nice little explanation for an odd moment in The Eleventh Hour, which harks back to an earlier episode in the Doctor's life, from an author who hasn't been recced on Calufrax before.

[Excerpt (somewhat spoilery)]

It started innocently enough, so innocuous that Rose hardly noticed the difference.

The Doctor's attention had been absorbed by a small pile of alien technology he'd brought home (against regulations) from Torchwood, when he heard a rather loud hiss of frustration from the other room. "Rose?" He called, slipping his glasses off the bridge of his nose. "Everything alright?"

There a muffled answer, followed by an audible sigh. A moment later, Rose strode into his office, irritation clear in her expression. "This bloody flat is gonna be the death of me."

The Doctor sat up straighter, glancing around for the source of her foul mood. He wouldn't purport to be an authority on the quality of flats, but he thought theirs wasn't too shabby at all: two bedrooms, a cozy sitting room, decent bathroom, and a very quaint little kitchen. They were also just a block away from a wonderful row of little shops. What more could a human need?

Tags: author: ravarath, character: tardis, companion: amy, companion: rory, companion: rose, doctor:10.5, doctor:11, pairing:10.5/rose, pairing:amy/rory, rating: all ages, reccer: ffutures, type: gen

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