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rec: Wayward Children of Gallifrey by idelthoughts

Story: Wayward Children of Gallifrey
Author: idelthoughts
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1301
Characters: Seventh Doctor, Mary Poppins, The Master (Ainley)
Author's Summary: Mary Poppins turned to the Doctor with a particular tilt of her head and drew a breath, but he lifted his umbrella in warning. “If you start singing," he said, "I shall poke you in the eye.”
Warnings: None
Recced because: Who doesn't love a good Mary-Poppins-is-a-Time-Lord story? It's short and sweet, a nice little encounter between two eccentric wanderers, and then it goes and ties into The Movie. Tows the line perfectly between silly and serious. This has made my day.

He fiddled with the catch to his umbrella and it popped up with a soft noise, and he gazed up at the dark canopy. “I keep meaning to retrofit this with your modification, but there never seems to be enough time.”

Mary smoothed her heavy coat. “Stealing ideas is sheer laziness. Indicative of an inadequately inventive mind.”

“But the highest form of flattery.”

Tags: author: idelthoughts, character: ainley!master, doctor: 7, rating: all ages, reccer: doctorpancakes, type: crossover, type: gen

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