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rec: Hallucinations by Aldanon

Story: Hallucinations
Author: Aldanon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 7,616
Author's Summary: It wasn't until Martha was on her way to America that the hallucinations began. A Year that Never Was story.
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones, Amy Pond, Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Rory Williams, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor
Warnings: Sexual assault, violence, general YTNW-stuff.

Recced because: I mentioned earlier this week that I feel Martha was owed so much more by the Doctor for what she was through. I'm quite fond of fics where the Doctor is faced with all the horrors Martha that happened to her in his name, and Hallucinations is an amazing example of that genre. It's timey-wimey and a bit confusing and heartbreaking and a very realistic take of the world under Harold Saxon's rule. The splash of Eleven, Amy and Rory is a bitter-sweet addition.

“I can’t, I can’t anymore, Doctor. Not after Japan. It’s too much. Too much death. I’m not enough. I just get them killed. I just…”

“I’m so sorry, Martha Jones.” She turned her head and there he was, leaning on the rail next to her, all blue pinstripes and red trainers and wild hair and young. Impossibly young. She’d seen him on the telly two days ago as the Master madly celebrated his victory over Japan. He wasn’t young then. Also he's wearing the brown on the Valiant.

“And now I’m hallucinating. I get people killed and I hallucinate. Some Martha Jones I turned out to be.”

“Martha, when did you last sleep?”

“Japan. Before the Drast.”

The Hallucination sighed and held out his hand for her.

“I can’t. I can’t touch you because I won’t touch you then I’ll know you’re not real and it will all be so much worse.”
Tags: author: aldanon, companion: amy, companion: jack, companion: martha, companion: mickey, companion: rory, doctor:10, doctor:11, pairing:martha/mickey, rating: adult, reccer: saaammie, type: gen

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