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Rec: The Square Root of Pi

I spent yesterday hunting for a good Four/Leela fic (Leela being my favourite classic companion), but the few good ones I found had already been recced. Ditto with every Doctor/Sarah Jane story I had in mind. So with a heavy sigh I turn my attention back to New Who. Fortunately there are gazillions of great New Who fics out there!

Title: The Square Root of Pi
Word count: 3483
Author: Topaz Eyes
Author summary:  The nightmare did not end when they closed the door on Midnight.
Characters: Ten/Donna
Warnings: Explicit sex

Recced because:
Nothing beats a good hurt/comfort fic. There are, of course, a good many "Donna comforts the Doctor after Midnight" stories. This is a particularly good one, however, because both Ten and Donna are very much in character. The Doctor is wounded and defensive, and Donna is both consoling and sharp-tongued. It's easy enough for me to believe this might have happened after the episode!

I keep forgetting to say this, but I know you guys already know it-- if you like the story, go lavish love on the author!
Tags: author: topaz eyes, companion: donna, doctor:10, pairing:10/donna, rating: adult, reccer: ellyfanfiction, type: het

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