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rec: Three's Crowd

Story: Three's a Crowd
Author: Gillian Taylor
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7616
Charcters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, Charlie Pollard (Spoilers for "Storm Warning")
Author's Summary: I love company, you know. I just don’t care for it when it decides you or your friends make a tasty meal.

recced because: I have a deep, deep love for the Eighth Doctor Audios (McGann was robbed, yo!) and this story captures the manic ramblings of Audio!Doctor perfectly. It's a story that fits neatly into audio canon and yet, even without knowing any backstory, is a complete story in and of its own. But mostly it's the Eighth Doctor being the Eighth Doctor and that's pretty amazing.

Internal gravity change. Cloister Bell. What could've happened? Time anomaly? No. Those tended to toss them about a bit, but it'd never affected internal gravity before. A signal of some kind? Remote control? They had passed through the time-space shadow of a black hole that was exactly six point seven five kren off-centre with the rest of the universe? No. That was too easy.

It was never that simple.

When he reached his destination, his eyes were immediately drawn to the sparking console. "Oh, you poor old thing," he murmured as he fought his way across the perilously sloped floor. Good thing all of the heaviest objects in the room had already accumulated on one side. It was, after all, hard to work when one was dodging flying furniture.

"Right. So, what've we got here?" he asked, bracing himself against the console. First things first. He needed to sort the gravity. Too many chances to hurt oneself in the TARDIS, for one thing. Charley. Oh, dear. Hopefully she'd found a nice, soft landing spot and stayed put.

Tags: author: gillian taylor, companion: charley, doctor: 8, rating: all ages, reccer: scarlettgirl, type: gen

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