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Rec: Little Details

Hello, hello everyone! I'm a_phoenixdragon (or PhoenixDragon at Teaspoon) and I am your reccer this week! I do have a favorite era (who doesn't?) but I'm going to try to mix it up and rotate through a few other Doctors and Companions just give some variety. Tis the spice of life (and fanfic), yus? Onto the first Rec!

Story: Little Details
Author: Lyricwritesprose
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1022
Author's Summary: Sometimes, the Doctor messes up on the little things. Set immediately after "Vampires of Venice," featuring Rory's first morning on the TARDIS.
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Eleventh Doctor
Warnings: Fluff, General

Recced because: We can't just say 'It's Lyricwritesprose' and that be enough of a rec? No? Well...this little tidbit is part of a bigger series (Madman in a Box) but it reads beautifully as a standalone as well. I encourage you to read the whole series, but if you are just wanting a taste *giggles a bit* this is a good way to introduce yourself to said series (or just enjoy yourself for a few minutes of entertainment - something this author is rather smashingly brilliant at)! Now imagine - it is Rory's first morning in the TARDIS. Amy is rather used to this strange creature she calls her best friend. There is no breakfast (as of yet), but the kitchen is a bit of a wreck'll just have to find out! A nice little wayward slice of life with a Madman when there are no guns and slavering, angry mobs to be running from. Though wonders if those things may just be preferable. *Grins* Don't forget to tell her she is awesome. If you do - maybe she'll make more!

Rory wondered why the ship had to be so huge inside if there weren't any other crew. He wondered if there were supposed to be more people.

He was quite certain that however different the TARDIS was, the kitchen wasn't supposed to look–well, to look like it had been heavily used for eight hours by a certain hyperactive someone who had started several small fires and tossed eggshells over his shoulder when he was done with them. "We," Amy declared, "are going to be using the food machine for a week, aren't we."

The Doctor gave her an indignant look. Rory said, "What?" and edged into the chaos.

"Last time he had a mad food science night," Amy told him, "the kitchen went walkabout."
Tags: author: lyricwritesprose, companion: amy, companion: rory, doctor:11, pairing:amy/rory, rating: all ages, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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