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Rec: Rory Who?

Story: Rory Who?
Author: samfeasor
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 990
Author's Summary: The dust settles and someone's missing, but only the Doctor knows.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond
Warnings: Angst, Character Study, Missing Scene

Recced because: Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I adore Rory. They also know how much I love my Angst. This has a mention of one and because of that, whole loads of the other. Introspective, almost guilty fiction makes me verrah, verrah happy inside and this fiction has all that and more! A friend lost, another friend ignorant of his very existence and really - that is what truly made Rory's death so, so tragic. Only one person knew and remembered. Only one. And he carried the weight of Rory's demise like an anchor - and this is highlighted so beautifully in this fiction. Just perfectly written: gorgeous flow, every word soaked with feeling - I cannot recommend it enough! But in case that doesn't convince you...

For a little while, the Doctor follows Amy around like a lost puppy.

He's not the one who's lost, of course, but she doesn't know that. And there are too many questions, waiting inside the TARDIS, that she won't even know to ask.

"Doctor," she turns on her heel and looks at him. They're two paces from her bedroom, which used to be the bedroom she shared with Rory. He remembers that discussion, like he remembers every discussion.

Like he remembers everything.

Be sure to tell the author how awesome they are - and maybe we'll get more fantastic fiction like this!
Tags: author: samfeasor, companion: amy, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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