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Rec: Stars Go Out, Stars Explode, Stars Burn Bright

Story: Stars Go Out, Stars Explode, Stars Burn Bright
Author: rutsky
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2,356
Author's Summary: There are worlds, and endings, all depending on how the story writes itself. Somewhere, there are canvases of stranger stars than ever he saw on earth. They line the halls of an impossible place. As for him? Who knows where he is, poor man.
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Other Characters
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Character Study, Introspection, Missing Scene

Recced because: I have a great love for Vincent and the Doctor. All in all, it was a stellar episode that left me sad, overly thinky and all around longing for more. A conclusion that I could hold onto, even if it was a sad one. I usually don't read Historical, much less Historical AU - that being said, it is only because I'm so highly picky about what I read along these lines. But if you know this author (and you should), you know they bring stellar work to the table every. time. This fiction is no exception.

There are notes at the end for the history buffs - and a great tale for us all. It tells a story of brothers, of promises made, timelines rewritten and three sad (tormented) men brought some measure of peace at a time when there is none to be had. Truly a breathtaking read and one you won't want to miss! But don't just take my word for it:

That night there was little more anyone could do. She went to the kitchen to bring up yet another tray of tea for those awaiting the inevitable. As she ascended the stairs with it, she heard the two doctors murmuring with the nurse a few paces down the narrow hall. She also heard her employer trying unsuccessfully to soothe his brother.

"Calm yourself, you'll do yourself harm if you carry on this way–"

"I'm dying, Theo, what more could I possibly do to myself? And I, I know – I know – that my dream must have lied–" He broke off, coughing. She was no doctor, but the housekeeper could tell from the bubbling sound that his lips were red with blood.

After the paroxysm subsided, she expected nothing but silence. She was mistaken.

"I was wrong, Theo. My painting is wrong. The TARDIS is forever. It will last ...."

He did not speak again. His brother sobbed and the black-coated doctors sighed in relief; she turned on her heel, tray still in hand, to send her boy for the undertaker.

Be sure to tell the author how much they have touched you - and hopefully we will continue to see phenomenal fiction from them...
Tags: author: rutsky, doctor:11, rating: teen, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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