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Rec: White Noise

Story: White Noise
Author: Versaphile
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 852
Author's Summary: It felt as though part of his mind had been cut out with a hot blade.
Characters/Pairings: Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Warnings: Angst, General

Recced because: The Time War and its aftermath has always fascinated and haunted me. All those centuries of history, of absolute iron rule over Time itself wiped out in mere minutes - it brings quite the image. The Doctor - alone. Without the hum of his people in his mind, singing through his TARDIS. It is a tragedy beyond comprehension. And then - when the Master was found and lost again...

A lot of authors have tried to touch on the War and its aftermath. The horror of losing everyone, everything you have known. I have written on it myself - but I could never, never write it with the gritty rawness this author brought to it! I have been reading her work since the Angel Fandom, so I have the definite advantage in knowing just how realistic, how vivid and gripping her work is. This fiction is absolutely top notch - some of her best work - and there was no way I could not share it with you all: War, pain, loss. Then redemption (in the face of an old friend/enemy)...only to lose it all over again, live it all over again with a fresh loss. She writes it so well, you live it with him; so needless to say, this is not a fiction for the faint-hearted. But should you chose to read (and I highly encourage it), you will find every word well worth the time...

When he'd woken, covered in blood and ashes, the wreck of his TARDIS already healing as it spun inside the Vortex, he'd thought he'd come back wrong. He'd stood up, clumsy and strangely numb, and rubbed at his ears. New ears, he'd thought abstractly, but they weren't working right. There was a static, a white noise, and he thought about shell shock, humans with bodies broken from war. Tinnitus, but it wasn't a ringing, and it wasn't in his ears after all. It was in his head, and it was emptiness, nothing, an unbearable absence, and it cut him off at the knees.

Ahhh, see? How can one not read?! Be sure to tell her how much you have enjoyed this piece - she has more than earned the praise!
Tags: author: versaphile, doctor: 8, doctor: 9, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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