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Rec: Missed Connections

And also a PSA before the rec: I've been doing some data analysis with Teaspoon data and ff.net data. I have a full copy of the Teaspoon database as of late February 2013, and I am in the process of integrating in the recs from this community to my database. For those who've recc-ed on this comm before: If your Teaspoon name is different than your lj name: can you pm me your Teaspoon name or User ID (which you can see in the URL for your author page) so I can match it up with your lj and reccs here? That would be lovely.

In return, one thing that was also scraped from the database was the location of all of the reviews that everyone has left for stories up through February 24th 2013 (not full text, but who left reviews on what, when, and what chapter, for example). Which was fab for me because I don't always put a story I've reviewed into my favorites. Although the author info lists how many reviews you've given, and you can follow the reviews left on your own stories, there is no way to pull up all of the stories you have given reviews for (unless you favorite all of the stories you review!).

Long story short: If you would like a CSV or pipe-delimited file of all of the stories you have reviewed on Teaspoon as of February 24th 2013 (story ID, rating, word count, #chapters, author, title, published, last updated) pm me your Teaspoon ID and an email address and I can send that to you! You can rediscover gems you'd forgotten, for example:

Title: Missed Connections
Author: orbythesea
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 502
Author's Summary: Sarah Jane's like a butterfly, always on the go. Lavinia and Four.
Characters/Pairings: Aunt Lavinia, Fourth Doctor
Warnings: None

Recc'ed Because: It's only 500 words but it uses them so well! Fantastic dialogue and a lovely thought about Four trying to reconnect with Sarah Jane, who is a difficult person to track down once you let her go. And in case you were wondering how a certain robot dog came into her possession... well. Read it; it's fun and also poignant too, to think of Four trying to make up for leaving Sarah behind.

Here is a teensy excerpt that I picked for an example of how to use words to their fullest.

"Oh, not you again," she mutters, spotting last spring's stranger loitering on the stoop. "My niece is in Pakistan, I'm afraid."

The stranger appears unfazed. "Where in Pakistan?"

[What I like about this is the unspoken yet absolutely clear message that the Doctor is not asking "Where in Pakistan?" as idle chit-chat or conversation, but plainly because if Lavinia tells him 'where', he will in the next breath get back into his TARDIS and go directly there. Which is of course entirely lost on Lavinia: perhaps she figures he might try to phone her or look her up, but the thought of "Next stop, Pakistan!" is probably low on her list. Dramatic irony, in 7 words. Be still, my flash fiction loving heart.]
Tags: author: orbythesea, doctor: 4, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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