zeeziegallifrey (zeeziegallifrey) wrote in calufrax,

Story: Memory and the Sea
Author: Pluto
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1153
Author's Summary: "The Doctor recalls the Corsair"
Characters/Pairings: Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, the Corsair
Warnings: None

Recced because: First of all, I should note that any episode about the TARDIS and written by Neil Gaiman will automatically be one of my favorites. And then when someone takes a little snippet of that episode and extends it...well, then you get something like this lovely fic. The characterization of the Doctor and Amy is gorgeous, but what struck me most was the description of the Corsair--how a character only briefly mentioned came alive in the most wonderfully ridiculous and (in context) tragic way. This fic walks a line between humor and sadness that, really, is the essence of the Doctor, and it does so incredibly well. Read it for the squirrel, if nothing else. (Trust me, it'll make sense later.)
Tags: author: pluto, companion: amy, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: zeeziegallifrey, type: gen

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