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Rec: To Please

Story: To Please
Author: Canaan
Rating: Adult
Author's Summary:"I'm going out on a limb, here--is it a sex club?"
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Jack/Rose
Warnings: Explicit sex, BDSM

Recced because: This is the story that made dozens of people say, "I'm usually really not into BDSM, but I absolutely loved this story." (Seriously. If you read it on LJ rather than Teaspoon, you could see it in the comments. Over and over again.)

That's because it's not a story about BDSM. Oh, it contains plenty of BDSM, and if you are into that, you'll love it for that reason alone. But it's so much more.

As an asexual, I'm not only not into BDSM, I'm not into sex, period. I don't mind it, but it usually bores me. In most stories, I skim over the sex scenes. In this one, I didn't. This is the story that made me understand why sex in fiction can be important. It can be used simply as titillation for the reader, sure, and that's a perfectly valid use of it--which just happens to fall perfectly flat with me. But it can also be used as a tool to explore the characters in new ways--show them open and vulnerable and let the reader experience important moments of growth in their relationships. And that is what Canaan does in To Please.

This was the story that made me realize that if I wanted to truly be able to explore all facets of my characters' lives, I had to learn to write sex. I'd never written a single sex scene, nor felt any need to, before I read this story. It wasn't prudishness, I just literally didn't care. This story showed me why I should. If you've ever read anything remotely smutty by me and enjoyed it, you have this story to thank for it.
Tags: author: canaan, companion: jack, companion: rose, doctor: 9, pairing: 9/jack/rose, rating: adult, reccer: yamx, type: threesome

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