the enemy of fun (nonelvis) wrote in calufrax,
the enemy of fun

Change in Calufrax schedule

Effective Monday, June 3, calufrax will be moving to a biweekly (every other week) posting schedule.

As always, I'm really grateful to those of you who have stepped forward to rec fic for this comm. This community depends on people like you to survive. Unfortunately, with LJ slowly going the way of the dinosaur, we no longer have enough volunteers to sustain a weekly schedule. (We have had one volunteer from Tumblr, which was great -- more Tumblr users are welcome, too, what with this comm being cross-posted there.)

If you'd like to rec for calufrax, we have open slots beginning August 5. Please consider volunteering, bugging your friends about volunteering, hiring skywriters to promote volunteering, etc. You can sign up anytime by leaving a comment on this post.

Tags: !modpost

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