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rec: blame the sun (no sun of mine) by nostalgia

Story: blame the sun (no sun of mine)
Author: nostalgia
Rating: None, but I'd call it Teen
Word Count: 1,685
Author's Summary: "If it's alien, it's ours." (AU from Army of Ghosts)
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Yvonne Hartman
Warnings: None

Recced because: Another unusual pairing – so unusual, in fact, that this is one of only two Ten/Yvonne stories I'm aware of. Choosing between the two of them was quite difficult, but this one won out for its portrayal of the calculating and manipulative Yvonne and the way she worms her way into the Doctor's life. The Doctor, held prisoner by Torchwood, reluctantly begins to help his captors, while Yvonne's obsession with all things Doctor begins to evolve into something she never expected. It's not a cheerful story, but it will make you wish the two characters had had more than an episode and a half together.
Tags: author: nostalgia, character: yvonne hartman, doctor:10, pairing:10/yvonne hartman, rating: teen, reccer: nonelvis, type: het

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