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Rec: Five Lives Winifred Bambera Might Have Lived by Selenay

Story: Five Lives Winifred Bambera Might Have Lived
Author: Selenay
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: There are billions of alternate universes out there, each created by a choice, some closer to our universe than others. It could be a tiny change, it could change an entire life.
Characters/Pairings: Winifred Bambera, Shou-Yuing, Sarah Jane Smith, Seventh Doctor, Ace
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~2,400 words

Recced because: Bambera fic! One of my favourite minor characters – the fact she’s the Brigadier of UNIT probably helps – she gets a great ‘five things’ treatment here. Each of the possibilities presented – from scarily 1950s-style domestic motherhood, to space captain, to investigative journalist partner to Sarah Jane, to TARDIS traveller – all have a grain of truth, and while some, such as the first one, are not a fate I would wish on Bambera in a million years, it’s still very well done, and you can see how if she were in that role, she would conform to it as thoroughly and positively as she could. On the whole, this is a clever, thoughtful, and moving fic.
Tags: author: selenay, character: brigadier bambera, character: shou yuing, companion: sarah, doctor: 7, rating: all ages, reccer: livii, type: gen

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