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Rec: Bad Parts

Title: Bad Parts
Author: ClocketPatch
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10589
Author's Summary: Alternative ending to Nightmare in Silver. The Cyber-parts don't just drop off at the end, and Mr. Clever isn't giving up so easily...
Characters/Pairings: Eleven, Clara, the Paternoster Gang (Jenny, Strax, Madam Vastra)
Warnings: None listed. Author notes "There are brief allusions to what Eleven may or may not have got up to during his "dark times" in Victorian London which may be triggering to some readers."

Recc'ed Because: I admit, the aspects of television that necessitate "miraculous cures" for the benefit of telling a story in 45 minutes or less... sometimes can be frustrating. This story is a re-telling of the end of Nightmare in Silver that doesn't pull any punches. It's Doctor Who meets Victorian Horror, makes getting rid of "Mr. Clever" come at a cost. But it's more than just beating up on Eleven or OOC H/C (I should clarify it is NOT OOC, but so many whump and H/C stories are), because it also stealthily adds some of the best Clara characterization I've read, as well as giving perfect voice to the Paternoster trio. A chilling but ultimately rewarding read.

"The connection is slightly more than superficial. However, you can be assured that my skills and medical training will be sufficient to restore the Doctor to fighting condition so that he may valiantly die in battle at a later date."

Strax's pronouncement was met with a harsh, grating sound. The Cyber-Planner was laughing.

"These are the people you entrust with your life, Time Lord? You really think that this collection of imbeciles and rejects will be able to save you?"

"I do," the Doctor said. His breathing was thready. Perspiration beaded across his forehead. "I believe in them."

"And why is that? You know how weak they are. You know how many Strax and Vastra have slaughtered in cold blood, and how easily they would turn again without the fear of you to keep them in line. You know what Jenny did that night. You know that Clara is going to die."

The words hit her like a wave of icy water engulfing her heat. She'd heard him say that he'd seen her die before, but Clara couldn't remember where or when. She knew that the Cyber-Planner wasn't lying, but she couldn't remember why. She didn't want to die.

"How can you possibly believe in these people when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they. will. fail."

Everyone in the entrance hall was silent. Mr. Clever's attack had contained enough truth to prevent anyone from attempting to argue back. Jenny looked on the verge of tears. She turned to Vastra for comfort, but they both seemed uncertain of each other.

"Because of a word that your logic doesn't understand," said the Doctor.

"And what word is that?" asked the Cyber-Planner.

Tags: author: clocketpatch, character: jenny flint, character: madame vastra, character: strax, companion: clara, doctor:11, rating: teen, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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