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Ghost Girl

Hi everyone, I'm Clocketpatch and I'll be your designated reccer for the next two weeks. I've tried to keep a companion theme, with a compilation of recs celebrating and exploring the strange, often tumultuous relationship the Doctor has with his companions, and how, while he enriches their lives, at the end of the day its him who needs them the most...

First up is one of the many beautiful fics to come out of the recent Eleventy_fest ficathon:

Story: Ghost Girl
Author: NancyBrown
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 455
Author's Summary: She isn't a ghost. This isn't a ghost story.
Characters/Pairings: Clara, Eleven
Warnings: Character death

Recced because:

Clara is straining to jump out of this fic and be noticed. I could practically hear her shouting out in the last line. Using the ghost quotes from Hide ("We're all ghosts to you" and "This isn't a ghost story; it's a love story") as a framing motif, this fic explores Clara's complex and often uneasy relationship with the Doctor, gives her some adorable back story, and illuminates a few of her more interesting echo lives. There are also some nice references for Classic Who fans. All of this is done in a little under 500 words, and all of those words are well placed and chosen with an artist's care.

She watches him at the TARDIS controls. Underneath the mania, she sees a thin crackle of terror peeping through every mad word, every rubbery expression. The Doctor isn't her boyfriend. She's not sure he's her friend. Today he is looking past her, through her. She's tempted to shout, "Woo!" simply to attract his attention back to the person in front of him.
Tags: author: nancy brown, companion: clara, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: clocketpatch, type: gen

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