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Marcus L. Rowland

Rec - Crossings by Betawho

Story: Crossings
Author: Betawho
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1370
Author's Summary: Rory always knew the Doctor had other friends on Earth. He just never expected to meet one.
Characters/Pairings: Rory Williams, Sarah Jane Smith
Warnings: None.

Recced because: Stories where Companions meet out of the usual contexts, without knowing their connection, are always fun. Here Sarah Jane needs a little first aid, and just happens to end up being treated by nurse Rory Williams...

"This is just the sort of thing I used to get into with the Doctor," she said under her breath, not really talking to him.

Rory's ears instantly perked up, even though he knew it was not what it sounded like to him. He went back to cleaning the wound, checking to see if the middle one required stitches. "Know an adventurous Doctor do you?" he asked. Smiling secretly behind her.

"Oh, the absolute worst. We used to get into such horrible scrapes together." She hissed a bit as the astringent stung, but there was affection in her voice, nostalgia.

"Yeah, I know someone like that," Rory said. "Two someones, actually, this is just the sort of thing my daughter's likely to come home with."
Tags: author: betawho, companion: rory, companion: sarah, rating: all ages, reccer: ffutures, type: gen

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