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lyricalprose: it's a bit dodgy this process

Story: it's a bit dodgy this process

Author: lyricalprose

Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 1873

Author's Summary: (Twelve/Rose). Rose, jumping with the Dimension Cannon, happens upon Eleven as he regenerates.

Characters/Pairings: Twelve/Rose, Eleven, Clara

Warnings: None

Recced Because:

When you write into the future you do so with the knowledge that your interpretations stand a good chance of being Jossed. The regeneration depicted in this fic is not the regeneration we saw at Christmas time, but that's okay. With all of the Dimensions Rose jumped between I like to think that this happened somewhere. It's not a pairing I usually ship, but even as a non-shipper I found this story compelling and excellent. It is Rose's story, more than it is the Doctor's or Clara's, but the characterization of all three is very good and the glimpse of Twelve (Thirteen? One-B? Whatever fandom decides on for Capaldi…) is marvellous.

If you're willing to take a chance on a story that is a bit AU and contains a Doctor that we haven't seen much of yet then you couldn't take that chance with a better story than this.

The jumps are getting harder and harder.

It’s not that they’re getting more physically
difficult. Using the Dimension Cannon has never been a walk in the park, and no matter where or when she travels to, it’s always pretty much the same — an unpleasant swooping sensation in the pit of her stomach, a metallic tang in her mouth, and a pounding headache that lasts for hours afterwards.

It’s that the worlds she’s traveling to are getting more and more terrible.
Tags: author: lyricalprose, companion: clara, companion: rose, doctor:11, doctor:12, pairing:12/rose, rating: all ages, reccer: clocketpatch, type: het

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