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nonelvis: Ordinary Human Days

Story: Ordinary Human Days

Author: nonelvis

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 4048

Author's Summary: This time with Amy and Rory was going to be different.

Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Amy/Rory, Eleven/River

Warnings: Recreational drug use

Recced Because:

I am actually astounded that no one has beat me to reccing this, because it is hilarious (it really should have a tea-near-keyboard warning on it), sexy, clever, and one of the overall best Eleven/Amy/Rory fics I've ever read. It continues such diverse marvels as: Eleven attempting to cook breakfast, Eleven being angry at primitive kitchen appliances, jokes about the UNIT dating controversy, futuristic petunias, Sharkrace 3000, and a scene inspired by this post from texts from the TARDIS.

There's so much going on that when I went to fill out the reccing form I was a bit stunned to realize it's only a little over 4000 words. And, however whacky it all gets, the character voices read true throughout. It's about the Ponds being a strange, dysfunctional, happy, ridiculous family who continue to be all of those descriptors whether they are rocketing across the cosmos on the back of a magical space whale, or sitting around the kitchen eating cereal.

The three of them spent Saturday night sprawled on the couch, catching up on a recorded Apprentice and a mesmerisingly awful film Rory had acquired from America via dubious means. All the Doctor knew about it was that it involved a lot of fast cars, explosions, and terrible dialogue, which didn't distinguish it from a number of other American films he'd seen, although he had to admit that in most cases, the vehicles usually weren't driven by sentient, land-dwelling sharks who spoke in subtitled bellows. In his experience, sharks were noiseless hunters, but he supposed that once you got to the point of positing land-based sharks with Formula One-level driving skills, suggesting complex, human-audible language wasn't a leap too far beyond.

"Rory," he said, "I've been visiting this planet for nearly a thousand years. I've seen more of its past, present, and future than anyone alive today. And this — this -" Searching for the right word was futile. No single human word could ever approximate what he was watching. "Human beings have evolved over millions of years. Countless civilisations have risen and fallen. This planet has produced some of the most exquisite art the universe has ever seen. Yet modern society has chosen to squander its cultural heritage by creating and watching a film about land sharks driving killer rocket-powered vehicles across the Sahara Desert."

"Not a fan of the shark-based cinematic genre, then, Doctor?"

"There's more than one of these?"
Tags: author: nonelvis, character: river song, companion: amy, companion: rory, doctor:11, pairing:11/amy/rory, pairing:11/river song, pairing:amy/rory, rating: teen, reccer: clocketpatch, type: het, type: threesome

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