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Calapine: Heights

Story: Heights

Author: Calapine

Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 905

Author's Summary: The Doctor, Jamie, and just the one parachute

Characters/Pairings: Jamie McCrimmon, Two

Warnings: None

Recced Because:

The Doctor and Jamie are on a plane. We don't know why they're on the plane or what will happen to them after they get back on solid ground, but that doesn't matter. The plane is crashing. Two and Jamie have a moment of adorable bickering which ends with inevitable clinging. It's just one scene out of an unknown, larger adventure, but with all of the missing episodes that seems distinctly Two-ish in itself.

Jamie followed, taking the co-pilot's chair. "I take it you know how to fly this thing."

"Well..." began the Doctor, one finger tapping at the fuel dial, which was looking suspiciously low. "Well, Jamie, I'm aware of the principles of aviation."

"You dinnae ken what you're doing?" Jamie leaned over his shoulder, peering at the controls. "Well what's that one do?" he asked, reaching towards a rather important looking button.

The Doctor slapped his hand away. "And you certainly don't know what you're doing," he said. "So.. so just let me get my bearings. Now here's the fuel...speed...height...yes, yes I think I see." He cautiously adjusted their flight, allowing the plane to gain altitude at a steady rate. "There," he said, turning to Jamie with a rather smug smile on his face. "Back on a steady course."

Jamie leaned back, looking less than impressed. "Just like the TARDIS, eh?"

"Jamie," he said, hurt expression on his face. "I can't imagine what you're implying."
Tags: author: calapine, companion: jamie, doctor: 2, rating: all ages, reccer: clocketpatch, type: gen

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