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RachelStardust: Scarves Are Not Meant To Be Used For That

Story: Scarves Are Not Meant To Be Used For That

Author: RachelStardust

Rating: All Ages

Word Count: 532

Author's Summary: Following in the tradition of my other fics, the Scarf has the floor.

Characters/Pairings: The Scarf

Warnings: None

Recced Because:

Sometimes a good dose of crack is in order. The Doctor has had many unique and memorable fashion accessories over the decades: The Bow Tie, The Fez, The Technocolour Dream Coat… but The Scarf stands tall as not only one of the Doctor's most recognisable accoutrements but also one of his most versatile. Watching Four romping through his episodes, it's easy to forget that scarves aren't intended as rope substitutes/lassos/impromptu shields/etc.

Well, unless you're the Scarf. Then it's impossible to forget.

At first things were good, but then it became quite clear that the Doctor had no intentions of removing me. Ever. For any reason. He even used to shower while still wearing me, but fortunately one of his companions noticed and put a stop to it.

He did everything with me around his neck. His pajamas consisted of me, me and more me. I can't tell you what else he did while I was around. Let's just say I'm not the only one who was complaining.

I'm not even sure what the purpose of a scarf is anymore. I used to think it was to keep a person's neck warm, but after being worn around on desert planets and used as a bath toy, I'm not so certain.
Tags: author: rachelstardust, rating: all ages, reccer: clocketpatch, type: gen

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