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Rec: The Boy Who Killed Time (The Last Love Song Remix) by rosa_acicularis

Story: The Boy Who Killed Time (The Last Love Song Remix)
Author: rosa_acicularis
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: There are ghosts in the TARDIS, and music in the corridors.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Jamie, Susan, Leela, Eighth Doctor, Rose, Romana, many other cameos
Warnings: none
Word Count: 8,840

Recced because: Written for this year's Remix fest (and with the author revealed just in time for me to use it as my last rec of the week), this story takes the excellent original, The Boy Who Killed Time by netgirl_y2k (previously recced on the comm here!), pulls out the original idea and, by changing the point of view character, creates a brand new piece of art. There are consequences to playing with time, the Doctor learns, and as reality fades, the ghosts come out of the woodwork. This story alternates deftly between lightness and a deep chilling fear, and uses the whole DW canon to create a piece of poetry; the writing is intensely good, the characterization superb, and the emotional impact is gut-wrenching but entirely truthful. The scene with Leela and the Eighth Doctor on Gallifrey is my particular favourite, with its bang-on observations, but this is really a story to be enjoyed as a whole, as it slots together with grim determinism, a love song indeed – to the entire concept of the show. An astonishingly good piece of work.
Tags: author: rosa_acicularis, companion: jamie, companion: leela, companion: martha, companion: romana ii, companion: rose, companion: susan, doctor: 8, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: livii, type: gen

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