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Tangrams by nonelvis

Title: Tangrams
Author: nonelvis
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 16251
Author's Summary: River Song unexpectedly arrives on Pete's World. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters/Pairings: River Song, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th), TenII/Rose/River
Warnings: Explicit sex

Recc'ed Because: It's more than just a hot threesome. Don't get me wrong, it is a hot threesome, but with plot and original characters and relationships that complement and motivate and outshine the hot threesome. River gets catapulted into the zeppelin universe, where the duplicate Doctor is still trying to suss out his humanity, getting used to not having the TARDIS, getting used to being in a relationship. Rose is curious and smart and realistically a bit jealous, but nonelvis gives this story time to unfold, explore, and believably grow the relationship between River and Rose, whether the Doctor wants it or not. And at the end, he may juuust finally realize he does.

Rose settled in and opened the book. The inside front cover, a stippled cream cardstock, bore an inscription: For River, to keep track of our days. We'll meet again — spoilers, I know.

And the words that made her breath catch: Love, the Doctor.

Not a novel, then. River's diary, which the Doctor had mentioned when he'd told Rose about the Library: "She mentioned a picnic in Asgard. Something about the fall of Byzantium. That's all I remember, because she wouldn't let me look at it. She said that was my rule, and I have to admit, that does sound like my sort of rule."

Somewhere buried in the memories River was unable to discuss were her stories of meeting Rose's first Doctor. And the rule about not reading the diary didn't apply to Rose.

She turned to the first page. Today, I was supposed to kill the Doctor. Instead, I remade the universe.

Tags: author: nonelvis, character: river song, companion: rose, doctor:10.5, pairing:10.5/river song/rose, pairing:10.5/rose, rating: adult, reccer: eve11, type: mixed, type: threesome

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