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The Man Who Runs, Still Water, and City of Angels by winninghearts

Title: The Man Who Runs, Still Water, and City of Angels
Author: winninghearts
Rating: Teen
Word Count: ~3300 total for the three
Author's Summary: He is the same man he has always been. The same man he always will be.
Characters/Pairings: Duplicate Tenth Doctor, Zeppelin Universe Alt!Amy, TenII/Alt!Amy
Warnings: None

Recc'ed Because: I actually read the first two back to front, and then the third much later. But they are good in any order. I love the dark wanderlust that pervades these stories, the sadness that dogs both the duplicate Doctor and Amy's heels as they run, Earthbound, on trains and buses, through the life and dirt of the world. Each of them is running from something, or maybe trying to find something that can't ever be recovered. We see echoes of Amy's fantastical journey but redone in the mundane, and we see the toll that the slow path takes on the Doctor. The earth is a prison for both of them, lost possibilities that only the Doctor can recognize, that shadow this universe's Amy like the forgotten ghost of Rory did in the canon universe. It's painful to think of those they left behind and wonder if those relationships could have survived in the canon universe without the promise of the whole of space and time beyond blue doors. It is sad to contemplate, but this series makes me wonder if the best they can do in the alternate world is to keep running.

It hurts him that he can't show Amy his TARDIS. She has the most wonderful expressions, the most zealous reactions, and the Doctor can just imagine her wide eyes as she steps through those blue doors. As of now, he hasn't even told her about his past life, because without the bigger-on-the-inside proof, without his two hearts, he would simply look like a mad man without a box.

In quiet times, he thinks about where he would take her if he had the chance. The nineteen sixties, where he can just see her donning little pillbox hats. The seventy sixties, where he can just see her painting her arms with imitation squid ink and wearing those stylish silicone neck braces. Planets with water you can breath. Just the stars, floating right outside of the TARDIS in the quiet of space.

“You promised me Rio,” Amy huffs and grumbles as her hiking boots smash down into the path. “Not that I don't love sleeping in tents on the side of Peruvian mountains, but this. Is not. Rio.”

“Oh, we'll get there,” the Doctor dismisses. Amy continues to make crabby comments as they set up camp, but every once in a while the Doctor will catch her smiling, which makes him absolutely beam.

Amy is fresh, she is young, she is energetic and sarcastic. She is all of them before he ruins them and he wonders how long this will last.
Tags: author: winninghearts, companion: alt!amy, doctor:10.5, pairing:10.5/alt!amy, rating: teen, reccer: eve11, type: het

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