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Rec: The Body Snatchers (or How the Master finally got inside the Doctor's body)

Posting on behalf of shape-shifter-malcolm-tucker.

Story: The Body Snatchers (or How the Master finally got inside the Doctor's body)
Author: aralias
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5478
Author's Summary: Wacky body swap fic. Featuring some plot, and quite a lot of sex.
Characters/Pairings: Tegan Jovanka, The Doctor (5th), The Master (Ainley), Turlough
Warnings: Explicit sex

Recced because: I'm sorry that this is a bit plot-what-plot-ish, but it was too fantastic to pass up. Hilarious, full of ridiculous farce and fanservice for all the Doctor/Master shippers out there. Need I say more?

The Doctor’s companions had left the Master to recover in a wicker chair in the console room. Tegan Jovanka had even brought him a cup of tea before she left to do whatever she did in the TARDIS when the Doctor wasn’t around. Once he’d recovered slightly, the Master had made the mistake of attempting to drink the tea, before realising it had been made for the Doctor and was therefore more sugar than water. The Doctor’s body didn’t mind, of course, but it would learn.

The Master began to laugh, and found to his surprise that the Doctor’s vocal chords could manage a relatively convincing chuckle. He hadn’t heard this Doctor laugh, but apparently he was capable of it. Good. The Master intended to spend a lot more time like this, and clearly a lot of things in his imminent future were going to be funny: Miss Jovanka’s dress sense, for example, or the Doctor’s 500 year diary. It was a shame that the Doctor himself was trapped in a body that would wither and die within the next hundred years. Indeed the Master expected to feel sincere regret when the Doctor inevitably passed away, unwilling to steal another form as anyone sensible would have done, but for now he was delighted. Let the Doctor keep the planet; he had another eight regenerations to burn through.

He pushed himself out of the wicker chair, and went to explore his new TARDIS. At least, he attempted to explore. A white door had slid out of the wall after Miss Jovanka, shutting the console room off from the rest of the ship. There were no obvious controls around the area, so the Master returned unsteadily to the console. He pulled what he knew to be the internal door control. Nothing happened. He moved over to the main computer terminal, and tried to access the control programme, but it too failed to respond. It was possible the ship was more broken than he’d imagined, but the more likely explanation was that the Doctor’s TARDIS knew who he was.

“Now you listen to me,” the Master told it softly, “the Doctor may have tolerated your insubordination, but I will do no such thing. If you refuse to cooperate I will be forced to remove all of your circuit boards and make myself a new toaster from the debris. Now, I am going to pull the door lever and you will open the door.”

He pulled the lever, and the Doctor’s TARDIS electrocuted him.
Tags: author: aralias, character: ainley!master, companion: tegan, companion: turlough, doctor: 5, pairing: 5/ainley!master, rating: adult, reccer: shape-shifter-malcolm-tucker, type: slash

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