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Rec: Cyber Souls (and Bleeding Hearts)

Story: Cyber Souls (and Bleeding Hearts)
Author: 10timelord4ever
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5935
Author's Summary: AU, Nightmare in Silver. The Doctor gets taken over by the malevolent Cyber-Planner.
Characters/Pairings: Other Character(s), The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: Non-Con, Alternate Universe, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Well, sorry about the rec-change - but it seems the Awesome I recced was already recced (which was how I found it in the first place, naturally)! Good thing I double-checked! Eeeep! Apologies for that. I have no replace it with the fic-rec that I had originally planned for (and should have stuck with *laughs*) Again. Apologies! Now...onto the rec!

Recced because: I have a weakness for the Cyber-Planner. I'm quite sure a few of us do, actually. He was diabolical and yet we could relate to him. He was funny and sexy and edgy - and terrifying just because he was all those things (and so much more). He was the Doctor and yet he was not. He was a desperate machine that had the upper hand, even as it was the only hand he had to play. He was losing, even as he won - and somehow, that only made him more compelling.

This tale here is part of a larger, darker universe, but stands very well on its own. I must admit, I devoured every chapter as it came, loving the idea of the Cyber-Planner taking over, dominanting the mind that was not made for him, laying claim to that mind, reworking it to suit himself and his purposes. The deeper he burrows, the more horrifying and terrible he becomes: his ruthlessness, his joy in destruction one of those things that makes you wonder if he discovered this on his own (getting a taste of emotion, of something more than mere machine), or if he found that within the Doctor and adopted it for himself.

I have enjoyed (loved, let's just say Loved because that is More Accurate) every tale where the Cyber-Planner either got his revenge or just hung around a little longer than our heroes thought he did. This fiction is no exception - and the author not only nails down the voice of this formidable foe - they do so in a way that somehow makes the creature that much more menacing. I love that. I absolutely adore it, really! There is nothing like a bad guy being a bad guy...and once more, the Cyber-Planner gets the upper hand (and fast)! Watching this fiction unfold is like the grimmest of horror movies. You wish sometimes you could turn away and yet you are compelled to read, to find out if it gets better, if the heroes win - or if it only gets worse.

Of course, I can't tell you the ending. Would spoil the whole thing. But trust me - I think you'll enjoy the ride! Just mind the warnings before you dive in. There are a few bits in here that do a little more than skim the darkness - but if you have a hearty constitution for that (and if you revel in it as I do), you will certainly not let it deter you from reading...

He shivered. His other self was coming. The evil shade of a creature who had become his ruler, his tormentor.

"Hello, Doctor," the wicked being greeted. Cheerfully, as if speaking with an old friend. Which, in a twisted sort of way, he was. "Thought I'd pop by to see how things were keeping up in your neck of the woods." He looked around with eyes glittering like dark stars, the cybernetic components on his face the haze of supernovae struggling to be born. " And by the look of things, I'd say life is going fairly badly."

The Doctor glared back at the madman, an inhuman monster made real, and said nothing.

"Silent today, aren't we?" the monster asked, its tone mocking and cruel. "The usual, of course. You'll talk eventually. I know you will. The weak always surrender in the end."

The mechanical entity swaggered off, fading into the blackness that had become the Doctor's prison. He watched the gloom for a moment, vaguely wondering if something would happen. If the nightmares would come to haunt him again, like they always did.

But all was still. Only the whispers of the Cybermen, faint like soft tempest gales, droned on in the night-heavy void. The Doctor sighed, a mixture of relief and uncertainty. Perhaps, just this once, the Cyber-Planner had finally felt a tinge of humanity.

Just this once.

Ohh, see? Wicked Awesome (as well as just WICKED)! I certainly hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Please drop the author a note if you enjoyed - maybe they will grace us with more (which I wouldn't quibble about at all). Until tomorrow!

*Hugs to All*

Tags: author: 10timelord4ever, companion: clara, doctor:11, pairing:11/clara, rating: teen, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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