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Rec: Five Days

Story: Five Days
Author: jinniyah
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 6786
Author's Summary: The Doctor spends five days locked in a prison at the mercy of the very worst of humanity. And when Amy and Rory finally succeed in gaining his freedom, his ordeal is not over. Not by any means.
Characters/Pairings: Amy Pond, Rory Williams, The Doctor (11th)
Warnings: Non-Con, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Recced because: Let me start out by saying, this tale is not for the faint of heart. It is not fluffy, it is not pretty, it is not 'cut and dry'. This is gritty, this is terrifying, this is raw and terrible to contemplate. This is a tale of holding on until you can't anymore. It is a tale about trust. It is a damned dark fiction, but there is hope buried within it. There is love. There are bonds and secrets here that could take a lifetime, but it is a tale that tells you of the journey those who love you will make to understand, to help you, to hold it together when you cannot. This is a tale of strength. Of deep and terrible sadness. And it is dark!fic at its finest.

This supposes reality into a fantasy world. This takes the Doctor out of a 'children's show' setting and imposes a very real idea, a very horrifying idea into the universe of Who. We know that he has been everywhere. That he has witnessed a lot of awful things and maybe has even been subjected to some of them. The show has danced around the concept of the Doctor not only knowing, but immersing himself in some of the darkest places, the most heinous of environs. Sometimes you have to shake hands with the devil and all that -

But what if you aren't in a dark, secret, terrible place (just a cell, a jail, something every place, every race, planet and civilization seems to have), but something terrible happens and there is no one to save you? What if you are the one who needs saving, but there is no one there to do so - and you have a reputation for not only saving yourself but others around you? People who expect you to be stronger, to be better (at least, from your POV)? It is just an ordinary misunderstanding, an ordinary situation (for our intrepid heroes), that ends up being very, very awful, very quick. There isn't a lot of graphic description, but one gets the hint rather quickly. And we aren't dealing with an ordinary person going through trauma, but a lonely 'god' who doesn't wish to impose on those who love him and call him their friend, their family.

Honestly, I could go on about this fiction forever. It is raw, real, terrible, wonderful, stark, bleak - and yet there is hope (some of the best dark!fics have that). There is love and friendship and strength. There is understanding and the will to understand. There is the beginnings of healing. There is forgiveness and redemption and lawful retribution. All in under 7000 words. Read this, be blown away - but be prepared. There is pain in there. So please, please, please mind the warnings...

The Doctor fumbles slightly with the key and then he slips inside the TARDIS. Rory and Amy follow, equally anxious to close out the world. The Doctor has crossed almost immediately to the centre console and is standing there with his back to them, shoulders hunched, fidgeting with some of the controls.

'Pity I didn't land us on Silva Prime after Lizetta Acarady was inspired to campaign for prison reform rather than before, but that's the way it goes sometimes.' There's a forced nonchalance to the Doctor's voice as he stares at something he's pulled up on the monitor. 'Thanks for getting me out. Oh. And yes, that thing you think happened to me in there, it... happened. Bad stuff. Not good. But all over and done with. Nothing wrong now that a shower and clean clothes won't fix.'

'Really?' Amy folds her arms and glares at his back, the kind of glare she reserves for times when she's frightened for those she loves and angry about her own helplessness. Rory tries to catch her eye, but she's not looking at him.

'Yes, really.' The Doctor finally turns to face them, his expression unnervingly calm. 'I don't break easily. And I heal quickly. Basically, I'm not badly hurt at all. Just a little...' He hesitates, as if casting about for a suitable word before settling on, 'sore. Yes. That's it. I'm just a little sore. In every other way, fine. See? No broken bones.' He waggles his fingers at Amy and smiles fleetingly. The smile doesn't reach his eyes at all, Rory notes.

'So you've got no broken bones. That's good, but it doesn't make you fine,' Amy says bluntly.

'Amy, it's over.' The Doctor's voice has a slight edge to it now. ‘So let’s leave it there.'

An excellent fiction that any person with a taste for the darker side should read. Go, read - and tell the author how they have floored you, how they have made you feel. I'm quite sure they would love to hear from you...

*Hugs to All*

Tags: author: jinniyah, companion: amy, companion: rory, doctor:11, rating: adult, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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