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Light Years

I know, I know - late again! I should have made this post last night. Instead, I fell on my face rather early. I'm hoping with all the New Who excitement that you still don't miss this next rec though! I figured (since I started off with light and sweet), that it would only be fitting to end with 'Funny' - which is where this next rec comes in...

Story: Light Years
Author: idon'tlikegravy
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5048
Author's Summary: Crossover with Red Dwarf. The TARDIS throws a wobbly, sending the Doctor 3million light years from Earth and completely ruining Lister's poker night.
Characters/Pairings: The Doctor (10th)
Warnings: Crossover

Recced because: There are a lot of good crossovers out there - a lot of them serious, a lot of them dazzling and brilliant and they seem to make perfect, perfect sense. This is brilliant, not serious at all and the only thing dazzling is the lack of actual milk for your tea (no, you don't want to know, don't ask).

I love Red Dwarf. I've been watching since I was a teen - so not quite as long as I have been watching Doctor Who - but my love for it is almost as intense. This show is ridiculous and yet has scientific accuracy at a lot of points squashed between the 'Bzuh?!' and 'OMG, REALLY?!' - so there is something there for the space nerds to totally get into. Still, there is a lot of 'Bzuh?!' and 'OMG, REALLY?!' (s'what makes Red Dwarf, Red Dwarf) so of course the Doctor should totally crash into their universe and wreak havoc as he always does. Not that it changes much for the Boys from the Dwarf. Tis just another day (in many ways) for them. Though to be fair, the Doctor is more of a Wednesday type of trouble than a Monday trouble - so they don't mind it overly much.

This fiction is utterly hilarious from start to finish. And yet, it has serious moments that make you stop and pause and compare the two universes and how they very much mesh (even as they shouldn't). The love for the characters shines through the author's work. There is a gripping, believable storyline and the characterization is just simply gorgeous and completely spot on. This is another fiction I could go on about forever, but then you'd never get the pleasure of reading it as you would still be here, reading about my love of it. *Laughs* So! Since I'm always sure I'm not the slightest bit convincing, I am leaving a tidbit below - just to get you jumpstarted on this awesomeness...

The TARDIS came to a sudden stop, sending the Doctor crashing into a wall. He regained his feet, followed by his composure, and bounded over to the central console. He examined a monitor and grew puzzled.

“Well now, that can’t be right.” He twiddled a few dials and pulled a few levers before hitting the side of the monitor. “Where have you brought me old girl? What are you up to?” He walked to the door and poked his head out, and was briefly surprised to find himself in a corridor painted a depressing shade of grey.

“Intruder alert. Intruder alert.” Lister and Rimmer were sat playing cards, with Kryten acting as Rimmer’s hands. They completely ignored Holly and continued with their game. “Oi! Doesn’t anybody care that there’s an intruder on board?”

“Of course there is Holly.” Lister replied, not even looking up from his cards.

“Just like the last time. What was it then?” Rimmer sniped as he indicated to Kryten which card to lay down.

“My socks.”

“That’s right! Lister’s socks. And the time before that?”

“The Cat’s smegging bowl of krispies.”

“Well, you can’t blame me for that, they weren’t there ten minutes before.” Holly opined.

“No, because I’d just poured them for him.”

“Yes well, this time it’s a real intruder. I’m not sure exactly what it is cos my screens aren’t working properly, but there is something there that shouldn’t be there and it’s alive.”


“Oh smeg, not aliens
again Rimmer. There is no such thing.”

“Mock me all you like Listy, one day you’ll be eating those words.”

“If I might suggest sirs, we ought to check it anyway. Holly might be right this time.” Kryten suggested. Holly nodded enthusiastically in agreement, her blonde hair rocking comically before Kryten continued, “There’s an old binary saying that is appropriate here, zero one zero one, one, one…”

“Okay Kryters, I’ll grab Cat and we’ll check it out. Smegging hell, I had a full house an’ all.”

“I thought we were playing rummy?” Rimmer said as he and Lister both left the room, leaving Kryten, who was still jabbering away in binary.

“….which roughly translated means…oh! Sirs! Wait up!”

*Laughs* Hope you enjoy this fiction as much as I have - please do let the author know what you think, as it just might convince them to make more!

This will be my last recommendation. You will have a new reccer in a few days - and I know they will bring us more epic brilliance for us all to love. I've had an awesome time and I can only hope you've enjoyed the fictions that I have pimped during my two weeks here. Thank you for indulging me and giving love to the authors of these fictions.

Premiere of New Who (and the intro of the Twelfth), tonight!! I know we'll all be wrapped up in that for the next several days at least. May you love it! And long live Doctor Who!

Until Next Time~
Tags: author: idontlikegravy, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: crossover, type: gen

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