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rec: Cold

I've fallen down on the job again, and missed a couple of days; my apologies once more. I hope this makes up for it!

Story: Cold

Author: nostalgia_lj
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 834
Author’s Summary: The Doctor visits River to ask an important question. (Post-Kill The Moon, so spoilers etc.)
Characters/Pairings: the Twelfth Doctor/River Song

Recced because: Sometimes fic, good fic, makes us uneasy, or leaves us wondering “Is that really the way my beloved characters think?” Every so often that’s a good thing, something spiky and uncomfortable here in the land of fanfic, where we often go for the sunshine and fixit, and quite rightly want the characters we love to be happy. nostalgia_lj is a past master of writing beautifully uncomfortable stories. Her phraseology and sense of timing are superb, as is her sense of the absurd (and her ability to match transcendence with black or cracky humor.) In this story, matching Twelve with River, we see what could arguably be the most alien part of their relationship; the implacable logic that rules at least part of their minds and souls. (For something incandescently beautiful from this author, try “Blue Roses.”)

A taste:

“Do I have to watch this?”

“Yes, you do.” They were parked in the Atlantic Ocean, just below the surface.


“I need to see how it makes you feel.”

“Doctor, it's a shark eating a baby seal, there are only so many emotions that suggest themselves.”

“Ah! So you're sad.” He looked a bit pleased with himself.

She turned from the bloody scene. “Things eat other things. It's called life. I can't stop it even if I wanted to.”

“River -”

“Sweetie, I used to be a psychopath, I don't always react the way other people would.” She closed the exterior doors. “You should ask someone with a more normal childhood.”

“But I want to ask you.

Tags: author: nostalgia, character: river song, doctor:12, pairing:12/river song, rating: teen, reccer: kaffyr, type: het

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