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Rec: No Longer a Sidekick

Story: No Longer a Sidekick
Author: Annariel
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5930
Characters/Pairings: Ace McShane, Clyde Langer, Fitz Kreiner, Rani Chandra, Samantha Jones, Sarah-Jane Smith
Author's Summary: How did Fitz Kreiner rebuild his life after he left the Doctor? Particularly when aliens will keep interrupting his plans.

Recced Because:

Fitz Kreiner is messed up beyond all belief, and he can't take two steps without wandering into trouble or making a horrible mistake, but for all his flaws, he's also very likeable and much more competent than he gives himself credit for.

Some unspecified time after the EDAs finish, Fitz leaves the Doctor and aimlessly drifts his way onto Sarah-Jane's couch, claiming that he's given up saving the universe and being a sidekick. With a little help from Sarah-Jane, the Bannerman Road gang, a gang of angry Ogron's, and a woman with a time travelling motorbike, he realizes that only half that claim is true.

This fic seamlessly blends canons and timelines from different corners of the Whoniverse. The dialogue is sometimes painful and sometimes hilarious, but always spot on. The details of time and place are richly imagined. The characters live and breathe. And Fitz is perfectly imperfect and compelling as he bumbles his way (with many friendly but forceful nudges) towards accepting his past and making a new beginning.

Fitz slept on the couch for a week and tried to ignore the Scooby Gang of children who apparently inhabited the place. It wasn't easy.

"I thought the Doctor's companions would be, you know, more impressive," Clyde said.

"I have hidden depths."

"Is that why you're standing smoking in the garden in the rain?"

Fitz was tempted to ask Clyde precisely how many times he'd saved the world, but Fitz was a bit worried that Clyde might beat him on that score. He was sure Rani would beat him, but he was a bit intimidated by Rani and was used to the Doctor, or in this case Sarah Jane, being surrounded him/herself by intimidatingly competent women. However, he objected to being out comedy-side-kicked by someone who was probably half his age. And wasn't that a depressing thought, what exactly had happened to his life?

"What are you planning to do then?" Clyde asked when Fitz failed to respond beyond tapping the ash off the end of his cigarette onto the patio stones.

"Dunno. Get a job." Even saying it depressed Fitz, but what else was there.
Tags: author: annariel, companion: ace, companion: fitz, companion: sam, companion: sarah, rating: teen, reccer: clocketpatch, sja: clyde, sja: rani, type: gen

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