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REC: Men Are From Mars

Story: Men Are From Mars
Author: quillofrassilon
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 7862
Author's summary: When Ten and Donna are forced to marry, Donna convinces the Doctor to take her on a honeymoon, complete with sun, sand, and...dinosaurs.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor/Donna, dinosaurs
Warnings: explicit sex

Recced because: This fic exemplifies everything I love about about the Tenth Doctor/Donna ship: they fight and argue and bicker (and all other sorts of synonyms for quarrel) but at the end of the day, they really do care about each other deeply. Men Are From Mars starts out the way that Doctor and Donna fics usually do: with fate throwing them in an unexpected situation, giving them plenty of room to snark at each other. Then, about midway through the fic, things take a turn for the serious and suddenly it isn't just about the funny bickering. Suddenly there's some real emotional meat to the fic. It's a bit like a good S4 episode, actually—like Fires of Pompeii or Planet of the Ood—but with the chemistry between the Doctor and Donna made actual text (which of course is what fanfic is for.)

And it's got a rather nice sex scene too.
Tags: author: quillofrassilon, companion: donna, doctor:10, pairing:10/donna, rating: adult, reccer: biichan, type: het

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